Earth Day

Earth Day this year featured marches for science. Alex, the actual scientist in our family, was a bit under the weather, so instead of starting the march at Cal Anderson Park, we joined as it passed our block on Fourth Avenue.

A crowd around the International Fountain at Seattle Center, with the Space Needle in the background, and the arches of the Pacific Science Center at right.

It didn’t take us long to get to Seattle Center’s International Fountain, where we hung around for a while taking pictures.  The crowd size seemed good but not stunning, and we thought that maybe the rain had kept some people away.  After a while we headed for home.

As we neared Denny Way we were surprised to hear a commotion, and, looking to the east, we realized that there was still a big crowd of people marching toward the Center.  In fact, when we got back to the place where we started, the crowd could still be seen stretching down Fourth Avenue.  Several thousand attended here in Seattle, not to mention hundreds of other cities all around the world — in support of evidence-based policy, instead of policy-based evidence.

The last division of the Science March