March for Our Lives

Enough school shootings occurred that students themselves began to raise their voices. On March 24, 2018, many gathered here in Seattle, at Cal Anderson Park and marched to Seattle Center. They were joined by supporters, some of them adults like me; but I just waited at home until they got to Cedar Street and then went outside and took a few pictures. It was good weather for demonstrating, although a bit chilly, but I decided to let them have their day.

Speeches at beginning and end addressed the need for particular legislative action.  I think some skepticism was expressed about the efficacy of having more guns in schools, and even whether the Constitution requires us to arm mass murderers with automatic weapons.  Voting was another big theme, the idea being that today’s students may consider doing that in a way different from the way that their elders have.

Some in the crowd carried clever placards.  One that I noticed had a big red circle, purported to be the size of an AR-15 exit wound.

Along Fourth Avenue the crowd walked by our favorite tapas bar: