Our Future Home at Loreto Bay

A little more than a year ago we received a postcard with news about a resort development near Loreto, in Baja California, a place we had never been but already knew a bit about. Normally such items go straight to the recycle bin, but we took a second look at this one. . .

We're really excited about our new house, which may be finished by the end of 2006. There are links at the end of this page to some more general information about the area and the project, but first, for those interested, are some details.

We originally had our eyes on a different lot, based on some ideas about views and orientation to the sun, and we almost didn't even ask to see the drawing for this one. But once we looked at it we could see that there were several special things about Lot 377. Though others may have rushed to be near the beach or wanted a lot on the golf course, we figured that a house right on the main road, the Paseo Mision de Loreto, would offer vistas that the others wouldn't. The offset from the house next door makes this practically the only one of its type to have a window in the dining room (though it gives up a number of windows on the back side of the house). And, most of all, instead of possibly a little strip of garden at one end or the other of the house, this one has a yard that opens up the side and flows into its interior courtyard. My theory is that this turns an otherwise wasted hallway into a pleasant little indoor/outdoor workshop space. And we decided we didn't need a cook center on the second floor, since we have room for a nice little outside table not far from our kitchen.

The view below shows a vestigial third floor, with the tile roof that we had wanted for a long time. The actual windows will in some cases be a different type, but the garden gate should look much like this -- we spent a long time choosing it. My desire was to have an enclosure spacious enough to ride a horse into, though we will probably refrain from doing so.

Many of our ideas have changed. We were initially counting on the rental program to help us pay for our home, but have since opted out. And we were certain that, of the three color schemes offered for the interior, the one we didn't want was "amarillo" -- but that's the one we finally asked for, because we liked the look of the tile upgrades. Who knows what other surprises await us?

  • There are hundreds of newer pictures of the town and the project on the developer's Flickr website
  • To get an overview of the project, visit the Villages of Loreto Bay website. Besides their view of the New Urbanism, there's information about owning property in Mexico.
  • For current homeowners, there's My Loreto Bay, a site for news and discussion.
  • Another source of detailed information is J.T. Benton, a Loreto Bay sales associate who has been very helpful to us.

The following places have general information about the area: