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Heat Lightning

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Last night just as we were getting ready to turn out the light to go to sleep, Alex called me outside to see the eastern sky lighted up. On the other side of Isla del Carmen, and for most of its length, lightning flashed continuously — that is, before a strike dissipated a new one began at another spot. We climbed to our roof and watched for a while, and then went downstairs to look at the big orange blob on the weather map. The mainland, from Guaymas to Guamuchi, was getting a pounding. Our view was filtered by clouds and it was a long ways off — we never heard any thunder despite the obvious violence of the storm.

For us it meant wind and we were glad of that for the time being, because the regular Loreto breeze had weeks before stopped being good for much except shifting dust around. We had begun to sleep downstairs, started using ceiling fans all the time, and gradually become less formal in our attire (clothing being a nuisance because first insulating and then ultimately a problem even to remove, requiring a wetsuit technique no matter what its composition or intended fit). We brought some things inside that we thought might later be blown around, shut some doors, propped some others open, and went to bed.

We’ll know better next time which items are likely to make noise; we ended up with most doors and windows tightly latched. The result was a kitchen even warmer in the morning than usual. It’s been hot! Overnight lows in the 90s (F) mean that no amount of ventilation does much good.

Except for detaching some of our bougainvilleas (as high now as our second-floor pergola) the storm did no apparent damage. It also left no moisture here, but there’s probably some on the way.