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Monday, February 18th, 2013

It’s been windy for a long time, so with a nice day predicted I took the Delta 16 off the newly-repaired kayak rack by the hotel and set off around the point.  I didn’t get far before encountering Paul and Donna and their friends Lyle and Laurel.  They said they were going for a picnic and asked me if I had a lunch and, thinking of the power bar in my dry bag, I said yes.  We paddled down the coast for a bit, landed on a beach with good-sized smooth rocks, and sat and talked for a while.  After lunch I went a bit farther south by myself while the others returned home.

Just as we were leaving the lunch stop, the local ravens flew over, discussing some nesting material that they had found.  I had met them on the beach before I launched, sorting through some tourist debris among the lounge chairs.  I left them a couple of almonds to think about while I fiddled with the boat; they accepted one but left the other lying in the sand.  They clearly have more important matters to consider.  At the end of the day, though, after I got back home, they flew directly over our house on their way to their roosting spot.

The weather stayed perfect all day.  I didn’t see a single jelly fish — this is good news for the people who will soon consider snorkeling again.  We did see a lot of the usual sorts of fish, and here is a picture of a Gulf Sunstar, probably Heliaster kubiniji, from the place where I turned around, the big cove north of Notrí.