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La primavera

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Warming temperatures have us thinking of heading north for a while. I had the blue boat in the water and thought that I should take a turn around the point and paddle through the lagoon one last time.

On the way I saw two boobies posing. They looked so small that I thought they might be youngsters; but I guess that if you’re standing beside a brown pelican the scale could be deceptive. If there aren’t booby babies yet there will be soon — the nesting area on the northeast side of the point is noisy with either hatchlings or the promise thereof.

The birds were very patient with me as I floated by taking photographs — especially considering that the current kept pushing my boat toward them. Alas, I had been adjusting the camera’s resolution for taking movies, so my wildlife pictures are scarcely more than thumbnails. But it’s a pretty setting.Boobies at Punta Nopol√≥