Rays again

We got to the beach just too late to see the dolphins, but we paddled south in their direction anyway, having no other goal. Sea and sky were placid and I took pictures of some schools of fish to try out the new camera. We were most of the way to NotrĂ­ and thinking of turning back when Alex spotted the commotion, apparently between Danzante and Puerto Escondido, big creatures jumping well clear of the water and splashing back down audibly — and heading in our direction. They didn’t seem like the dolphins though, there were just a few, at least three, maybe four visible at once. I was trying to get the salt water off the camera lens, ready to take pictures in the air again, but before I finished they were past us. They were closer than they looked because they were smaller than we imagined — big rays though, this time probably sting rays, not like the devil ray we watched in June. It was amazing how long they seemed to stay in the air. It really does look like they’re flying. It must seem like that to them too — they keep flapping their wings as they slice through the air.

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