El Tular

Note: This page was added in late 2010.  We’re no longer living in Loreto, but the geography is probably much like it was then.

On the coast just north of Nopoló, north of the ruined dock and the boat launch ramp, is the mouth of the arroyo El Tular. Paddling by you’re unlikely to notice it, distracted by the birds perched on the snags outside its bar. On foot or by bicycle though it is normally a pretty big obstacle — you would have to go pretty far inland to cross without getting wet, and by then you would have encountered a lot of vegetation.

Yesterday, though, with a predicted low tide of minus .43 meters, we made the trip on foot. At this stage the journey is safe for steet shoes — but of less interest to kayakers.

But it’s a pretty interesting place no matter how you get there. See our account of January 18, 2010 under “Earlier Posts.”