December 2016

Most of our news this year is from pretty close to home:curbside

Greetings to all from our newly-remodeled lobby.  The sculpture has been relocated, the furniture has a younger look, colors are somewhat more neutral, and the downstairs bookshelves have given way to a counter for computer users.  There’s also a big new television.

In other building news, this summer saw the advent of our rooftop herb garden, a welcome addition for those of us who like to avoid plastic supermarket packaging but who are too lazy to grow plants on our own balconies. Fortunately, some of our neighbors are really good at this!  We used lots of cilantro, basil, oregano, and even some tarragon.  There were excellent tomatoes that we mostly left for others.  Below is a picture of our roof, with its three little maple trees, from last Fall.


There’s a bit more news in earlier posts, mostly about cycling, in case you missed them.  We’re planning another bicycle trip in Europe late next summer.

Happy holidays and a bright new year, from Scott and Alex!