Our new neighbor

dimensionMajor construction is complete on the apartment building kitty-corner from our home, called Dimension by Alta.  People not wearing hardhats are sometimes seen inside now.  At twenty-seven stories it’s taller than we expected to see hereabouts.

It also doesn’t seem particularly graceful if you ask me, but there may be an explanation for that.  Apparently the City has required that new buildings not be “monolithic,” hoping to avoid the drab facelessness that resulted from some earlier, utilitarian development. Bright yellow ridges affixed to the outside, contrasting with Z-brick around the base, would seem to fill the bill.  The building should mostly fade into the mist like the monoliths behind and to the left, though.  We hope that new neighbors will mean lots of new shops and services too.

In its shape the new building mirrors the one to the right, Seattle Heights.  The last apartment we looked at, just before finding the one where we live now, was on the seventh floor there.  Sometimes we see the people who moved there in our stead, grilling on their terrace for instance.  They have a much “better” view of the new Dimension, which we admit is one reason that we chose to live at the Mosler Lofts.  On the other, left, side of the new building, at the same level, is visible a corner of the Lexington Apartments, a home through most of the 1980s.