Seattle’s Climate March

At the start of Seattle's Climate March, April 29, 2017, at Occidental ParkWe had considered going to D.C. to protest, but well before the time arrived it was clear that we would never make it. Marching in Seattle is so much more convenient!  When the day came, April 29, Alex stayed home and I walked down to Occidental Square.  I got there about a quarter after ten and was glad that I hadn’t started later. As usual, what looked like a small crowd was just a crowd that had already begun moving — east on South Washington Street, to turn up Fourth Avenue toward Westlake Park.

End of the Climate March, at Westlake SquareI worked my way to the back of the throng, not wanting to get ahead of those who had been waiting to start.  Seeing me without a sign, a young man from Socialist Alternative offered me one that said “Resist Trump — End the Gag Orders,” but I demurred, not entirely sure what it was about. I eventually figured out that the reference was to the Trump administration’s insistence on review of scientific data by policy makers before publication. Among the many homemade signs was a slogan that I had admired at other demonstrations:  “What do we want? Evidence-based policy!  When do we want it?  After peer review!”

Because of the geography, I wasn’t able to get a very good idea of the size of the crowd.  It filled Fourth Avenue for several blocks, though. Rain had been scheduled for late morning, but was postponed.  I dallied a bit at Westlake Park, but left once chanting was underway.  Total marching time, forty-five minutes.