Greek on the Web

Most of my old favorite links about Greece and its language have vanished or changed a lot since this page first appeared back in 1997.

My first stop on the web when I began reading Greek was the home page of the big internet service provider, ForthNet. Their old clickable map is gone, but there are a directory and links to publications in a number of categories like sports, politics and economics.

It was ForthNet that introduced me to my old favorite spot, the Athens News Agency. Gone are the parallel Greek and English articles that I thought would make learning Greek easy -- but the presentation is now much better, especially the English, and there are still daily dispatches in Greek.

Today there are plenty of sites devoted to Greece and Greek history and culture. Someone interested in the language may want to look at The Magical Journey to Greece, which, in addition to the usual news and travel links, offers discussions and even a bulletin board with Greek humor. Sites with a narrower focus include:

My attempts at speaking Greek have been confined to a brief vacation in May 1997, spent largely sightseeing in the Cyclades. Here are a few pictures from that trip. The people I met were cheerful about my efforts to communicate and almost without exception were able to rescue me by replying in English. The success I had I owe to Colloquial Greek, A Complete Language Course by Niki Watts and published by Routledge in London and New York. You could get it from Multilingual Books or Amazon. It's the best I've seen in their big series, and available with either CDs or the original cassettes.

Greek is the official language of Scott's Language Page, because in Greek a person can be at the same time a friend and a stranger -- "filos kai ksenos" -- an acknowledgement that good will can transcend tribal boundaries.