Monthly Archives: November 2014

Snow falling on Cedar

cedarCedar here of course refers to the name of the street. Snow is pretty rare in Seattle this time of year, but Alex spotted it before dawn and we knew that we would have to get up right away in order to enjoy it. We had seen a few flakes on one afternoon the previous week, but it was gone so quickly that I’m not sure anyone else noticed it. In the picture you can just see a little accumulated on the cars, among the landscaping, and a blur around the streetlights.
In keeping with the book-title theme, Bainbridge Island was definitely not visible, busy with its own snowfall; and there, as here, strong winds later toppled trees and stopped traffic. Our own incident was at the intersection of Clay Street and Western Avenue, about three blocks away, not far from the Olympus Apartments, where we lived three summers ago.

The clouds rolled away and the rest of the day was mostly sunny — we walked down to the library and did a couple of errands. As of this moment a lot of street trees still have colorful leaves, but it’s not expected to thaw tomorrow, so that may change soon.

We’re thankful for our snug prospect here. In the top left corner of the picture, a neighbor’s lighted tree wishes all a Merry Christmas.