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Year-End Wrap-up 2018

What could be more festive than the Christmas tree here at the Lofts?The former library area downstairs has been made into counter space where one might use a laptop.  The books there were dusty old sets:  Colliers Encyclopedia, like I had as a child, and a collection of Nobel acceptance speeches that I would sometimes read while waiting for a visitor.  Our new library features more modern choices, many donated by residents.

Not all of our year was spent inside.  Faithful readers will remember our trip to Southeast Asia early on; but then, toward the beginning of Autumn, we loaded the bicycles on the car and set out on a rare (for us) road trip.

Our first objective was Mt. St. Helens, so we spent some time near Randle and some more at Castle Rock.  We’re still searching for just the right pair of hiking boots, but we did the hike up to Norway Pass nonetheless, and then another one part way around Coldwater Lake, seen here.Then we left Washington altogether for the fine little college town of Forest Grove, Oregon, where we spent several days cycling and one day visiting the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum at McMinnville, current home of the Hughes H-4.

Our furthest reach was Newport, on the Oregon coast, for a reunion with a college roommate.

On the trip home, our last stay was in Astoria, at the Cannery Pier Hotel.  This panorama shows the view from our room, with Washington in the distance across the bridge.  The ship that’s docked there in the photo is a Princess, but the one before it had been a Disney cruise.  As it departed, the ship’s horns played “It’s a Small World.”