My kayak roll

The little turn at the end adds some drama, but it’s not really part of the demonstration — this stroke should look more like a high brace than a forward sweep.  Imagine the effect when I remember not to push with my right hand!

Still, it has worked the last ninety-nine times out of a hundred, including five wipeouts in the Pacific surf and four dunks in the Snoqualmie River.

This skill was slow in coming (it is probably best to begin learning prior to reaching retirement age).  Before we moved to Mexico in 2009 we did a couple of pool sessions with the Outdoor Adventures Center in Redmond; but it took several trips back North before I got the hang of this.  I credit my eventual success to the wisdom and patience of my friends at the  Northwest Outdoor Center.


  • My offside roll. From the beginning, I believed that it was important to be able to execute this maneuver from either side. (5.7 Mb)
  • Sand roll, featuring Leif and Susan. (26.2 Mb, with sound)
  • Wet exit. When all else fails. (8.4 Mb)