Loreto Again

In March, we returned to Loreto Bay, where our narrative began nine years ago. Leif and Susan were still there to take care of us, so on most mornings we had a chance to paddle down to Bird Rock, near the north end of Notrí, and on one day staying long enough for lunch at the Vista al Mar.  As suggested generally by the picture above, water was  calm, Alex has become enamored of the Hobie pedal craft, and the Delta 16 is happier than ever, under Leif’s management.

The birds themselves may be getting used to this routine.  The cormorants were slow to spook when we circled and the pelicans hardly seemed to care.  We conversed with the local osprey on every trip.  A Magnificent Frigate Bird flew close.

The blue-footed boobies that were becoming prevalent five years ago still fish here, but for nesting they’ve moved yet further north, up to Isla Coronado.  The sea lion we always used to see on this stretch is gone too.  Leif says that for a time the whales were thick (Blue Whales cheek-by-jowl with paddle boarders!) but that they seem to be taking a break as well.  We saw a couple of big rays, apparently among the first of the season.

Fortunately our return was well-timed to catch the local all-dolphin water ballet team’s morning practice.  I believe that they are learning to spell out the word “Nopoló,” although, like many of us, they’re still having trouble with the accent over the final vowel:

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