Cape Flattery

Last weekend, for the first time in maybe twenty years, I hiked out to the northwest corner of the old “lower forty-eight,” where you can see the Makah Sandstone giving way to the Pacific Ocean, bit by bit.  Here is a picture of some of the fragments; offstage to the right there’s a bigger one called Tatoosh Island, and then a much larger island named for George Vancouver.FlatteryI was in the neighborhood for the surf class given by the Northwest Outdoor Center at Hobuck Beach, around the point to the south.  Thanks to some practice in the intervening months, and this year’s more manageable surf, I was able to get my boat out through the breakers and back in to the beach several times, in fact getting dumped on only half a dozen occasions, and swimming on only one of those.

The crowd left after lunch on Sunday, but I stayed on another night, to hike and to fiddle with my camping gear.  Here’s a picture taken just as the last board surfers were emerging for the evening:Hobuck

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