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December 2015

LobbyWe did manage to get outside a bit (see below), but our biggest achievements this year may have been in the field of televiewing.  We gave up our cable subscription, but with a faster internet connection we are able to watch a lot of regular programming, including getting the BBC World News hours before it is broadcast locally.  And, living within sight of several antennas, we receive the major networks the old-fashioned way, over the air.

TV2What we have done mostly though is watch videos. We do this on the cheap also, since Alex has learned how to get a steady stream of them from the public library, and soon after they are released. Being retired, and no longer expected to engage in water-cooler conversation about recent offerings, we have been happily viewing years-old movies and series that we missed completely while we were living in Mexico and even before.  One of our first projects was to binge-watch the entire run of 30 Rock, for instance.

This strategy has allowed us to watch over 500 theatrical releases in a year.  They weren’t all new — there was the occasional flim noir or neglected classic — but thanks to careful attention to the critics we only “walked out” on a couple of them. This year’s list isn’t available yet, but the names of movies I’ve seen for the prior thirty years or so are available here.

I guess we’re not entirely couch potatoes: we are again visiting our climbing gym, Vertical World. And a fair amount of kayaking occurred also.