Monthly Archives: December 2017

Holiday Wrap-up 2017

It was a pretty good year — as far as I remember.  We were both under general anesthesia for part of the time;  Alex at least got a new hip out of the deal.

Prior to that, we spent a portion of our summer first in Berlin, and then along the Rhine, bicycling part of the way.  Accounts of that trip are available below, or by following the arrows at bottom left.

To get in practice for traveling, I had flown to Lubbock for the 50th year reunion of my high school class.  The old building, like many of us, has gotten bigger; the difference is, it’s looking a lot better than it did back in the ’60s.

Some kayaking occurred also.

Fortified, we are again looking forward to new adventures.  We have signed up for the Backroads  bicycle trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in February, and then plan to spend a few days in Hong Kong afterward.

Season’s greetings to all, and a wish for a great new year!