Multi-Modal March

Black Lives Matter came to our neighborhood again tonight, with a well-organized protest.  The vocal group of marchers was relatively small, but they were led by a vanguard of cyclists, and flanked by columns of automobiles.  It appears that the cars protect the pedestrians from drivers who might want to attack them, as well as providing socially-distant protesting opportunities for motorists who are not ready to rub elbows with strangers.


The clip below shows the car-e-ography involved as the march executes a turn:

Update:  Another group appeared, this time in daylight, on the 21st.  The presence of the automobile escort may also support the argument that the police need not be so close.  A pair of SPD police SUVs followed the march, but did not intervene in any way.

— Scott McKee, August 17 and 21, 2020